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The Friends of Allestree Park

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Allestree Park

polygonia c-album allestree park g8 2017 07 16 12 
A Comma Butterfly - Allestree Park, near Woodlands Lane
Photographed  by Bill Grange, July 2017  

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 Allestree Park in Derby, England, is the largest and most scenic of the City’s parks. Although lying on the northern boundary of the city of Derby, it merges with the attractive hilly countryside of the south Peak District fringe. A substantial area of the Park is a golf course, but there are a multitude of different wildlife habitats ranging from woodland to the large lake. Indeed, much of the Park is a designated Local Nature Reserve.


 The history of the Park goes back to the late 18th century when the present Hall was built. The Hall is now largely empty,  being the subject of several abandoned schemes in recent years, one of them being a nature museum project. The Park is largely used for quiet recreation by Derby’s people, who can enjoy a variety of interesting walks, including two nature trails. It is easy to 'get away from it all' in this splendid park and it is not obvious, when walking in its woodlands and meadows, that it lies within the boundary of an industrial city. 

 There is a wealth of wildlife in the Park, including several county rarities. This variety is partly the result of a varied underlying geology, largely acidic sandstone on the west side, soft crumbly shales in the centre and east.

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The Friends of Allestree Park group was founded in 2005 and is open to anyone who is interested in Allestree Park, its conservation, educational and recreational value.
As well as liaising with Derby City Council, which owns and runs the Park, the Friends have organised a programme of events, including talks, activity days for young people, nature walks and conservation work parties. The latter have included tackling the alien and invasive Himalayan balsam and rhododendron, cleaning out debris from part of the Lake  and working with Derbyshire Conservation Volunteers in restoring the main footpath through Big Wood and installing an impressive flight of steps.  
We have instigated  the clearing of a large amount of invasive sycamore from part of Big Wood, carried out by members of Broomfield College and followed it by making a start on replanting with native shrubs and trees.
A more unusual project was painting a tree mural on a previously graffiti-blighted pumping house on the Lake shore, to make it blend with its surroundings.
We also mounted a temporarily successful campaign a few years ago to save the animal pens near the Hall from closure and made representations to the City Council to urge them not to scrap the permanent on-site ranger service. Unfortunately, both have now happened, much to our dismay. 
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 Latest Information concerning Allestree Park and FOAP:


small tort New - an article on the butterflies of Allestree Park. Click on the image on left



NEW - FoAP Newsletter for March 2016 - Click on button - Includes latest information on the Higher Level Stewardship Project and Allestree Lake from The Earl of Harrington Angling Club and details of forthcoming activities organised by FoAP.

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FoAP Newsletter for December 2016 - Click on button - Includes information on the Higher Level Stewardship Project

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IMPORTANT! -  Allestree Park Local Nature Reserve Walk-round Meeting of 22nd April - Notes. Information on what is plannned for the Local Nature Reserve in the next few years   Click on button

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Bat Roosting Box Success, November 2015: Click on button

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List of Forthcoming Events in the Park: Click on button:

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 Higher Level Stewardship Scheme as part of Revised Managment Plan for Allestree Park Local Nature Reserve - details of meeting, November 2014. Click on the button:

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Friends of Allestree Park Annual General Meeting, October 2016 - proceedings and annual report. Click on the button:

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Death of former Allestree Park Ranger. Click on the button:

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 FOAP has produced a new Forward Plan spanning the years 2013 to 2018.  Click on button

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  Elms for Butterflies. Click on the button

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New Nature Trails!   Two completely new (free) nature trail leaflets for two separate trails in Allestree Park have recently been published. To see how to obtain copies, click on the button:

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Ash Die-Back : An article on the disease and how it might affect Allestree Park - click on button

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Contributions to this website are welcome: 

We welcome any pictures and or articles featuring Allestree Park for the website. If you have any views on how the Park is being managed, we would be pleased to put them on the website, too.  Please send material to Bill Grange. Pictures submitted so far can be seen on 'Other Pictures of the Park' (Go to 'Articles and special Features' - menu at top of this page).



   allestree park aerial annotated
The red numbers show the location of the photos on this page
1. Allestree Hall

Built in the late 18th century - it is a Grade 2* listed   building. It was once the home of the Evans Family who founded Darley Abbey Mills. Apart for a bar and other facilities of Allestree Park Golf Club, it is now empty, being the subject of several failed schemes in recent years, one of them being a Nature Museum.


allestree hall
2. View from the Hall Gardens to
the southern boundary of the Park in early spring
view from hall garden
 3. The Lake in Winter lake in winter
 4. The Lake in Spring lake in spring
5. View across the Park from the southern boundary
In the foreground is a splendid old oak, one of many fine trees in the park.
derwent valley and large oak
6. Big Wood in autumn

Autumn  turns Big Wood into a magical place. Here sunbeams filter through a grove of yew trees.





woodland sunbeams
7. Woodlands Field in late autumn
 Woodlands Field is a City Wildlife Site because of its varied flora. Views across the Derwent Valley from here are magnificent, especially with the trees in autumn colour and with the grass and herbage dusted with frost.




 Photos by Bill Grange



woodlands field in late autumn


To see more pictures of Allestree Park, taken by visitors to the Park, click on the button:

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 Photographs or Artwork relating to Allestee Park will be gratefully received for this website.



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