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Tree-felling Operations, Allestree Park March 2015

Communication from Derby City Council - Allestree Park Woodland Restoration: Controlled sycamore clearance will be undertaken in the woodland between the main car park and lake during March 2015.The work is recommended as part of the Local Nature Reserve Management Plan, has been approved by the Forestry Commission and is exempted from the park’s Tree Preservation Order.In the Local Nature Reserve Management Plan, Objective 1 recommends we reduce the amount of non-native sycamore we have in all woodlands on the park to no more than 30% of any woodland compartment. Sycamore is an ever present throughout the park and due to its invasive nature is abundant in compartment W12 between the main car park and lake (see map below). As part of a trial, we will be carrying out sycamore thinning in W12, clearing several areas of sycamore and monitoring the natural regeneration. Sycamore regeneration will be controlled and native regrowth will be nurtured. As part of the condition of our Forestry Commission Felling Licence, we will replant with native trees if regeneration hasn't been sufficient over a 10 year period.


tree felling map 

 The wood where felling operations are to take place is labelled W12


IMPORTANT NOTE: March is the start of the bird-nesting season, so certainly not an ideal time for this type of work, as disturbance could disrupt nesting activity. Several people have expressed disquiet, but we have been given assurances that careful inspection of the wood for any nesting birds will be done before operations commence. However, there will still be potential disturbance to any birds commencing nesting. It was hoped to undertake the work before March, but administrative problems have delayed the work, which is subject to a time-limited grant as part of the Higher Level Stewardship Scheme for Allestree Park of which this work is a small part.

Bill Grange

Friday, January 18, 2019