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Value in Trees Project 

Specific aims of the project are:

  1. To help safe-guard the genetic stock of some of our oldest trees by propagating veteran tree seed to facilitate succession
  1. To increase tree planting/coverage across Derby and Derbyshire, to include urban and built up environments.
  1. To contribute to the Trust’s Living Landscapes Strategy, by carrying out area specific tree planting, habitat recreation and enhancement. This will work towards linking veteran tree cluster sites including parkland and urban parks along the Derwent Valley.
  1. To address declines in UK BAP species associated with elms.
  1. To increase community involvement in local tree heritage – through awareness raising and by providing opportunities to get involved in tree propagating, planting and aftercare activities
  1. To develop and support community networks of tree wardens and volunteers to help deliver the project and manage trees sustainably.
  1. To improve the quality of life in urban neighbourhoods and settlements through tree planting and its associated benefits.


May 2012 – Mar 2015

Main Activities:

  1. Promoting the importance of trees in the landscape for biodiversity, heritage, climate change adaptation and health, through events, guided walks, talks etc. – generating community involvement in the project.
  1. Working with community groups, volunteers, tree wardens, schools etc to carry out veteran tree seed collection and propagation.
  1. Propagation to be either under volunteer care (gardens, allotments, school grounds etc) or at ‘Seed Hubs’ /tree nurseries. A number of tree nursery locations have been identified including 2 in Derby, 1 in the Erewash area and a further 2 possible sites at veteran tree cluster sites.
  1. Planting out to be done by volunteers, schools, community groups, landowners, institutions and agencies. This will be backed by training workshops, advice and support.
  1. Planting of purchased trees to be supplemented by stocks grown locally through the project from veteran trees.
  1. Planting to be carried out at locations across Derby and Derbyshire, aiming to include public green space, Housing Association land, Primary Care Trust land, industrial estates, school grounds and other public realms, as well as private land.
  1. A small amount of the planting will aim to restore relict hedgerow, to establish community orchards and to achieve specific ecological objectives, eg. planting disease resistant elms for White Letter Hairstreak butterflies.
  1. After care and management to be undertaken by landowners, local communities, tree wardens, etc.

Project Funding:

£45,000 for each year of the project

£33,750 from The Big Tree Plant

£11,250  DWT and other funders

No of trees to be planted:

9000  trees per year – mainly whips (small trees) but a few larger trees

Project grown veteran tree seeds will be in addition to this and will be ready for planting in years 2-3.


Derbyshire Wildlife Trust has a long and successful history of  project delivery to benefit biodiversity. As a charity, much of its pro-active conservation work relies on successful funding bids.

This project will build upon the achievements of our previous veteran tree projects (2005-07 and 2010-12), which mapped over 4500 veteran trees across Derbyshire.  We worked closely with a number of partner organizations including Wild Derby, Derby City Council, Derbyshire County Council, The National Trust, The Woodland Trust  and private landowners across the county.

The veteran tree survey showed that many trees have been lost or are threatened by inappropriate management and neglect. On the positive side, we had an overwhelming public response to the projects. In particular, local communities were keen to get involved in a pilot veteran tree seed propagation event. Volunteers, tree wardens and school groups collected seed, propagating them in their gardens or allotments with the aim of planting new trees close to the parent veteran in a few years time.

The success of this pilot project has inspired us to expand and broaden the focus of the project and to put in a bid to the Big Tree Plant so that we can continue with this work. The Big Tree Plant is a campaign to encourage more tree planting across England. The funding is to establish tree planting projects in areas that would benefit most.

The project will be coordinated by Derbyshire Wildlife Trust but we are looking for other organisations and community groups to work in partnership with us.

Useful Reference Material:

Trees or Turf Report;  Woodland Trust:

Trees Matter! National Urban Forestry Unit

Greener Neighbourhoods: A good Practice Guide to Managing Green Space. National Housing Federation

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